Starting a Tax Business

Quick Guide to Tax Preparation Service Start Up

Many tax preparers are driven by their passion to help others, improving the financial scope of people in their community is a rewarding way of sowing back into their community. As an entrepreneur seeking to become an independent tax preparation professional in the tax industry there are many guidelines and procedures that are necessary in order to start your business.

Starting a Tax preparation business can be overwhelming. Most individual’s frustration begins with: Where do I start? How do I setup my own tax business?

By following these steps you will be on the right path to starting your own tax business:

  1. Register your tax business with your State

  2. Apply for your Business EIN (Employer Identification Number)

  3. Obtain your PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number)

  4. Apply for your EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number)

  5. Select your Tax Software Provider:

    When making the choice to pursue a career as a Tax Professional, it is crucial that you choose software that will provide you with all the features to take care of your client’s needs with ease. 

  6. Get your name out there!

The tax industry is a very competitive industry and each preparer shares a common goal: bring in new clients, retain existing clients, and build long term relationships.

Marking yourself is essential in this line of business. You are your business brand!

·         Create a business website

·         Having an online presence is essential to growing your business

·         Get your site ranked on Google

Starting a Tax Professional Business is a great way to discover financial freedom and it can become a very rewarding career.  STS 1 Stop Tax solutions offers everything solution you need to get started with your new business setup. We are a 1 STOP SHOP for all your tax business needs. Beginning with building your brand from the ground up, software options, business related support, continued education and tax certifications.  STS 1 Stop is here to support you for the lifetime of your tax business.

Let’s be honest, building a brand takes time and time is money, STS 1 Stop’s dedicated Marketing Team is available to take care of your business needs. With the right tools, knowledge, and drive you can be among the masses who are assisting over 80 million people prepare their taxes every year.  Get Access Today and give us a call at 855-787-8291!